However, each experience of your energy session is subjective it will bring you something different depending on your needs.  By re-alignments of energetic frequencies, relieving stress, balancing the chakras, removes emotional blocks, and promote health via physical & energetic crystal entrainment. Be open minded with an optimistic attitude. You can set in place an intention to further help and empower your session you wish to take place. When you receive energy, that feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows around you and through you it treats the whole person. Which includes mind, body, and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well-being. It can be quite refreshing and comfortable, allowing one to think more clearly after a session. The most common experience is an almost immediate release of stress and a feeling of deep relaxation.


You will need to fill out the form below and purchase your session.  Also please review the agreement & wavier tab (before you check off the boxes in request a session form below.) 


Distance crystal session is done in your our home through zoom online where you can relax in your own bed with your cozy covers, you can listen to soft music or meditate if you like (if you fall asleep that’s okay - it is what you require at that time to accept the energy work), and make sure at the end of the session you have a glass of water.


During the session energy tools used will be crystals, body layout on a proxy that represents you, and color therapy or essential oils may be used throughout the session, depending on the need.


Most people typically feel refreshed at the end of the session. However, it is normal that you may feel more tired as you received intense work and energetically you need time for it to integrate what happened during the session. Please note it is not viewed as an adverse reaction, but rather than your body's natural healing response - be gentle with yourself and listen to your body, also remember to drink plenty of water and eat normally this will help to re-hydrate as well as release. Please be advised that fasting is not recommend during this time.

* * * Please submit the form below and pay for your session if you choose the manual payment you can e transfer the funds to me at**

The day after your session, I will email you the body layout I did and the crystals that I used during your session. Any recommendations or suggestions are made for you to keep working on "you" at home and at your own pace.

Distance Crystal Session

You can choose any of these services, and they are 60 minutes:

Individual Session

Any age is welcomed, however if it's a precise little one please let me know in the message part in the request a session form. Whether you are an Adult or Child we will be focusing on many chakras for you to receive the most benefit from.



Group Session 

(Min 3 people ~ Max 12 people)

Is a taste of what a full Crystal Session would involve, during this time we will be doing a general chakra balance for everyone.

$44.00 per person

Request an Exchange of Energy!

Once you submit this form, you will be directed to Exchange Energy option payment or if you have already set something up with Gail directly please just proceed to the MORE TAB dropdown menu to apply payment.