About Me

Gail has a compassionate soul, strong determination, happy, always smiles, and only wants to help you for your highest and greatest good.
There are many external stressors out there and mine was asked to take early retirement from a company I loved working for many years at. However, I wasn’t going to let take me down so I like to remember this quote from Dr. Seuss “Always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and more loved than you know”  When I opened myself up to take the first step I found that I was on a journey of learning about crystal's, energy vibration, and chakras and how they all worked together.
Feeling the weight of others’ struggles even though they are not our own. We are so often influenced by what goes on around us. This journey has led me to the great adventure of helping people with distance energy work. It fascinated me, how everything is linked - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies, and how an imbalance to one of those reverberates to the others.
Gail received her Hibiscus Moon Certification as a Certified Crystal Practitioner & Advanced Crystal Master.
Gail lives with her partner David, in Calgary, Alberta. I enjoy travelling, spending time working on my passion researching crystals and stones, also going for walks in the parks, and energy work to support self love and care.
“I would be truly honored to share what I have learned with you, by helping you through this most amazing experience that both of us will receive mutual healing. I am profoundly grateful and look forward in meeting you.”  
Many Crystal blessings,
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