We are all made of energy, every cell in our body vibrates with energy it is our life force.


About Crystal Treatment

The purpose of a crystal session is for mental and spiritual well-being.  My method of treatment – energy work remotely – is an alternative that focuses on clearing blockages, disturbances or imbalances in the human energy field and restores the harmony. We will focus on the energy fields through thought, intention, and crystal's we use during your session. There is a variety of techniques to facilitate clarity and well-being in the moment, while promoting long term self-reliance through practical techniques to help raise consciousness, interpret meaning, recognize intent, quell doubt, and clear confusion.


Divine Masculine & Feminine Balance

We each have these two energies within us, the masculine and the feminine when we are in balance we live in harmony. However, we tend to favor the masculine traits of giving, providing, and protecting. Our feminine side favors nurturing and receiving but it is normally suppressed. This causes imbalance in our energetic bodies demanding attention to bring back into balance and harmony.

Crystals Tools

Crystals are truly an amazing tool to help tune our energy and vibration. All crystals have their own frequency based on composition, color, and depending on the characteristics of the crystal it can work on your energetic body and chakras to bring it all back into balance. Everything on the earth, whether solid or not, has a vibration. This includes crystals, gems, and stones. Our bodies are mostly made up water and can easily take on the pure vibration of crystals.

What does Chakra Mean?

Chakra is Sanskrit word that means wheel or vortex, refers to energy throughout the body. To imagine a chakra in your body, imagine a pinwheel, or swirling wheel of energy where consciousness (mind) and matter meet. This energy, or Prana, is our life force which keeps us healthy, vibrant, and alive. The chakras are massive nerve centers within our body. Each chakra contains bundles of nerves and major organs, as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being.  In your body there are seven main chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base of the spine and runs to the crown of the head.




" I was fortunate enough this week to have a truly amazing crystal energy healing session with Gail.  I came into this session a mess.  Anxiety, stress, sleep issues, emotional issues from loss, pain issues from an accident a couple of years ago – along with the mental trauma from that.  In my hour session, through Gail’s intuitive use of crystals, light and beautiful energy I feel like a different person.  I was calm and still am 24 hours later, my mind isn’t racing, my shoulders are not up around my ears, my tongue not pressed against the roof of my mouth, no teeth clenching and grinding.  After the session I felt just a huge release – it felt as though my nerves were on the outside of my skin – not in a bad way, in a high energy way – I could feel the vibrations from this session for several hours.  After a few hours, I was extremely tired, but just went with it, lots of water and just relaxing – self-care.  Sunday night I slept, for the first time in I don’t know how long, for a solid 9 hours.  I was not woken from pain, I did not wake up feeling anxious – I woke up ready to take on my day.  I would and will recommend Gail’s services to anyone I can. Her knowledge and kindness is incredible.  Gail, you are such a beautiful soul.  I can’t think of anyone else I know more suited to help and heal."

~ Kim C

 "I did a Crystal Session with Gail and it was such an amazing experience I would highly recommend it! She gave so much detail and attention into every single step through the process, from choosing the crystals, to laying them out to the information sent after the session I was so impressed. She really made sure that I was comfortable and had any questions answered. I instantly felt great after only my first session with her and I can’t wait to schedule the next one."

~ Analise 

" My five-year-old daughter was having a period of sadness and anger. Gail was open to assist me, and tailor her session to help my daughter truly a blessing. A day before her session Gail sent me pictures of different crystals/stones to show my daughter, and for her to pick out which ones she wanted to be used during her session. (Gail did advise me before that if she picked all of them it would be fine, I was glad to hear that I had nothing to worry about.) Gail also took the time to find some music that would be appropriate for my daughter to listen while she was having the crystal session. The next day Gail, was able to give her a crystal healing session online and she fell asleep immediately during the session. In the morning, the anger and sadness she felt were gone, she was happy and said, “Something is different, but I cannot explain what it is.” She has been so loving and happy since the session, also she has no problems with friends in school which was a big problem before. She wants to hear the same music that she listened to during the session at bedtime. Children are so sensitive to energy, both negative energy and positive energy so I will ask Gail for help with my children next time I notice they are caring around burden of negative energy.

Gail has a talent that most of us wished we had, she has incredibly special gift in and working with the crystals/stones."  

~  Josefin from Sweden, Europe

“I received a beautiful chakra stone balancing session imbued with color therapy, by the very lovely, wise and gentle, Gail Todd. Gail is very knowledgeable and helped me clear, align and let go of some murky energy using her various skills whiled tuned into music  on a vibrational healing wave. I felt pampered having so many healing threads connected and being absorbed at once. I told Gail that afterwards for a day and half my energy was actually sluggish - this was not a concern as knew it was old energy stagnation leaving my chakras and sure enough after taking it easy and being with it, my energy shifted into alignment and I feel amazing.

I highly recommend using Gail’s services as she is a wise, loving woman with the gift of healing”

~ Katie

" I really enjoyed my Chakra Session with Gail. I came into the session a hot mess and by the time it was over I felt rejuvenated,  relaxed, energized and I felt my glow come back! All the bad energy I felt I was carrying instantly left and felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. The whole experience was relaxing and calming and I felt everything she was saying along the way. Gail was polite and professional and I would recommend to anyone to try a session with her. "

~ Kim

"I had a crystal healing session with Gail. She is very intuitive and connected to the universe. She can really hone in on what’s going on with your chakras and what needs healing. As well as connect fully with your spirit guides. I felt very calm and comfortable during the session. I could feel the work being done on my chakras. Especially my heart chakra, leaving me feeling warm, safe and comfortable. She just knew exactly where to concentrate on. I highly recommend crystal healing with Gail."

~ Chantelle

 My Mission

Is to empower you to access your own inner healing abilities to improve and promote well-being in order to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy. My intention is that you only take away from each crystal session that you require for your highest and greatest good, and whatever isn't serving that purpose simply allow it to be released.